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There's nothing more unpleasant that a cold shower. Ensure you never have to suffer through another one again by calling the professionals here at Patriot Sewer & Drain Services, Inc.

Hold onto more cash

Get access to affordable electric and gas water heaters all for prices that are affordable on any budget. Our water heaters come in a standard 50-gallon size or a larger 80-gallon size for large families, homes, or whirlpool tubs.


You'll be happy to know that all of our installations come with an expansion tank as well as a concrete housekeeping pad. In addition to this, when you purchase a water heater from us, you'll also receive a 6-year warranty.

Top-notch water heaters

Here at Patriot Sewer & Drain Services, Inc., you'll also have access to standard direct chimney vent water heaters all in a wide selection of brands and styles. This water heater offers increased convenience.


Our standard direct chimney vent water heater vents through the wall where no chimney is available. This style is available in a 40, 50, or 70-gallon standard size. Call today for product availability.

Eliminate the cold showers

Invest in economical hot water

Take advantage of our on-demand tankless heaters. These water heaters are energy efficient and will help you reduce your monthly electricity bills. Inquire within for more details.

Boiler repair